Logging Into CyberSlate

You have purchased a CyberSlate package, and you have downloaded the application to your Windows, or Mac Computer. And you have received an email from CyberSlate with your user’s login name and password. The login name and the password will each be up to 8 letters, all lower case:  For example


Login name: enthusia   Password: iloveit


CyberSlate IconRun CyberSlate.  You should be able to click the icon on your desktop.

Enter the login name and password, all in lower case letters. Press Enter.

The CyberSlate Menu frame will appear with the Login Panel.  Enter the name, press Tab, then enter the password.  Press Enter.  CyberSlate will connect with the Cloud and download your custom menu.  You can activate a fluency by placing the cursor bar on it and double-clicking, or clicking the Run button. Or if you have been doing the fluency for a while, you can click the Chart button and view the 6 Cycle Chart of progress.


If you are a coach, parent, or teacher, you can enter CyberSlate this way as well. Then you can examine each chart, and immediately find out whether your protege has been completing the fluencies regularly, and whether he/she is making progress.


You may download the CyberSlate application on as many computers as you wish. We recommend that schools put CyberSlate on every computer that the student may be using, so he/she can complete the fluencies in spare moments in any class. Teacher and Coaches should put CyberSlate on their office computers so they can check progress when reviewing the day. And on the computers in the coaching rooms. If you have more than one student, they can all use the same computer, one at a time, with their own unique menus.