Downloading & Installing CyberSlate -School

CyberSlate at School!

Your Technical Department may download the CyberSlate Installation Package and install it at any time, and on as many computers as you wish. Then when your student is registered with CyberSlate, you can go to any computer to do the exercises. (You can download and install the Cyberslate application now, but you cannot run the CyberSlate program until you register.)

CyberSlate requires a Computer platform (Windows or MacOS). It does not run on Android devices, tablets, iPhones, or iPads. (A version for Google Chromebooks is under development, so please contact us if you are interested in using CyberSlate on a Chromebook.)

Click Download CyberSlate for School to download the School Build of CyberSlate onto your computer.

If you have an antivirus or limited access program running, your application may print a warning in small letters across the top of your Web Browser. Watch for this warning, because you will be required to click a button to turn off this protection before the Installation process can begin.

CybgerSlate Installation

The Installation program main window.

The Installation window will appear.  Click Next. This window will refresh three times, requesting specific information about where to install the program (the default, \Program Files\CyberSlate is the safest arrangement), where to save a Shortcut (choose the default), and whether to create a Desktop Icon (yes.) It will then install CyberSlate and place an Icon on your Desktop.

If you click the desktop icon, CyberSlate will present you a Login Window. When you register your student, you will be given a login name and password to enter in the blank spaces. Then CyberSlate will spring into action and retrieve your student’s file, and present the custom menu.

CyberSlate at Home vs. at School:

The “at Home” installation and “at School” are almost identical. However, when you complete fluencies at home and your highest score for the day is at home, the dot on the chart appears as a donut, rather than a solid dot. So when you examine the chart, you can see at a glance whether you are achieving higher scores at home or school. Also, some CyberSlaters complete some fluencies only at school or home, so the menu is customized to just show the fluencies you complete at each location.