Reading Success

Dyslexic students learn differently. Apparently their brains are not wired to catch the nuts and bolts of reading; phonemes, subtle sound differences, word parts, putting the parts together, and gathering meaning from the sentences that are thus formed. So learning to read becomes a larger chore that may take years of hard work.

Here are “Andrew’s” charts of hard words. He was still a beginning reader when he started, and in spite of that history, he was still  determined to learn how to read. He worked hard in three reading classes each day, and he measured his progress through completing the one-minute timings several times per day, every day including weekends and holidays. The timings were part of his reading intervention because they provided practice in fluency. He became an expert at reading the Chart, so he could project how many years it would take to attain his Grade level in reading fluency. His progress has been steady. Here are  charts that show that progress. (Why we use Reading Passages).