Tutors & Coaches

CyberSlate is made for you!  It provides tailored, modifiable fluency exercises that augment your remedial activities through immediate practice, and at the same time give you a visual record of progress from session to session.  You can also extend the effectiveness of your remediation by assigning the fluencies for “homework.” (Our data shows that if a student practices twice daily every day (weekends included), his progress more than doubles!!

You can have the parents pay for the package.  This may help them own both the responsibility for daily fluencies, and the feeling of accomplishment as their child succeeds.


You download the Cyberslate application on your remedial room computer(s) (Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu linux), and you ask parents to download CyberSlate at home as well.  You may access your student’s charts at any time, to check whether he/she completed the exercises, and whether there is progress.


During your session, you can complete the fluencies within minutes, allowing time for other remediation activities that you employ to address the gaps that become obvious during the fluency.  If there is a particular exercise you would like to add to the student’s menu, this can be arranged at extra cost, or at no cost if your student has become a Scholar.


Your student and his parents will usually be motivated by the feelings of success, which  you can augment by reviewing the chart with them and showing them how the data shows progress.  It is also possible to increase motivation through holding chart shares, having the parents pay the student for CyberSlate points earned, and modifying the ToDo’s on the menu.


If you would like personal training in CyberSlate (and a chance to explore the rich variety of exercises available), we provide free training and consultation on some Wednesdays at the offices of The Learning Incentive, Inc., 11 Wampanoag Drive, West Hartford CT. You must have the CyberSlate application downloaded on a computer at your office prior to the training session, but you need NOT bring that computer to the session. Phone ahead (860-236-5807) to ensure that we are having a session, and to register.


We hope we can partner with you to build even more effective remediation for your students’ unique needs!