The Remedial Coach

Are you the coach?  If you are the person who is working with the student to build fluency in Keyboarding, Reading, or Arithmetic, CyberSlate is for you!  The Celeration Chart gives you immediate feedback about your student’s progress.  You can make small adjustments in the way your CyberSlater attempts the one-minute exercise, then try it again.  Here are some suggestions:


  • Selectively use the Practice Mode to try just a few items.  Practice those items a couple of times before beginning a timing.
  • Review the focus problem that will be covered in this session.  If you are practicing keyboarding or arithmetic, have your student key the answer with the correct fingers a few times.
  • Examine the chart together. If you have completed this fluency more than once today, study the Sessions Chart to see whether the score has improved each time. Set a goal that is just above the last score.

If you only meet with your student to complete the remedial exercises, take advantage of CyberSlate’s Cloud setup. You can download the CyberSlate application on your computer at your headquarters, and check your student’s progress at any time by logging in the student and reviewing his updated charts. Based on the chart results, you can send “likes,” suggestions, and messages of encouragement in between sessions.

You may also email our experts at to ask for suggestions on how to break a flatline or accelerate progress. We will try to reply to your email within 24 hours.