The complete package  -13 exercises – priced for In-school, or remote learning!

Keyboarding: Finger Trainer, Typing Words, Home Stretch, Typing Sentences.

Arithmetic: Digit Pad, See/Type and Hear/Type in two of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.)

Reading: Decoding Words, Transformers, Reading Passages, Hard Word Bank.

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Complete Package

(13 fluencies)

Keyboarding alone

(4 fluencies)


(5 fluencies)


(4 fluencies)


Prices include everything you need; Installation, Registration, technical support/help through email.  If you wish to add another fluency at a later time, the charge is $50 per fluency*. CyberSlate Scholars are awarded the extra fluency, or a new membership, free!

All of our data shows that we learn quickest when we practice for just a few minutes every day, including weekends and holidays. If the student, parents and teacher can form a team to build a daily routine, the chances of quick success are boosted measurably! If your student becomes a CyberSlate Scholar, he/she is eligible for coaching services, and additional fluencies free!