Keyboarding Finger Guides

When you purchase Cyberlate’s Keyboarding package, we will send you our exclusive Finger Guides to place on your keyboard whenever you are practicing keyboarding.

Use a standard keyboard on which the keys depress about a quarter-inch for keyboarding practice. The keys are most comfortable for most hands. The spring back of the keys gives you important tactile support that may assist learning. If you are using a laptop or netbook, a regular keyboard can be purchased wherever electronics are sold.

Installing the Finger Guides is simple. They are supplied with velcro loop strips that you paste on the keyboard.  For the left guide, paste one loop velcro strip above the F2 key and the other below “c.”  One right guide velcro strip sits above F7 and the other below the Alt key. With the guides in place, you place two fingers on each side of the guide bar.  Left hand: Pinky “a”, ring finger “s”, (the guide) middle finger “d”, and pointer “f.”  Right hand: pointer “j”, middle: “k”, (the guide) ring “l”, and pinky “;”.

Always use the guides when practicing keyboarding. We recommend that you keep the guides on the keyboard whenever you type, until you are typing at over 30 words per minute with fewer than 4 errors.