Special Education Teachers & Directors

CyberSlate has been carefully designed and groomed to provide missing key remedial elements in Reading, and the essential learning elements in Keyboarding and Arithmetic Facts.  Each student’s menu can be customized to include the elements you need to emphasize.  So CyberSlate is an ideal application to add an additional Tier to a student’s mandated remedial program, or to provide a beginning remedial component.

The ingredient supplied by CyberSlate is daily practice toward fluency! – of key building blocks or elements that the student has not yet acquired.  All remedial programs provide these elements, and they all have a few fluency exercises, but it is very difficult to arrange daily remedial sessions or to take valuable coaching time during those sessions to complete more than one or two practice/fluency exercises.  Since CyberSlate is a computer application, it is possible to quickly carry out the fluency items during the remedial time, AND to  provide fluency practice at other times of the school day, using a teaching assistant or squeezing them in during study hall, morning assemblies, etc.  And if you can enlist parents to complete these exercises at home every day, including weekends, the student will have an ideal schedule to accelerate his learning of the selected skills.

Our research shows that in reading remediation, our remedial materials augment all Orton based interventions.  The Chart Gallery shows several examples of student progress.  And differing from other interventions, the Celeration Chart will immediately show whether the chosen materials are producing the desired results. If the student’s progress is not satisfactory, we will work with you to modify the program.

All this with a minimum of training at a reasonable price!