For Parents

CyberSlate is ideal for the parent who wants her child to build academic skills, and is looking for the right exercises.  Built over two decades with dyslexic students, CyberSlate provides one minute “fluencies” in basic skills in reading, keyboarding, and arithmetic.  Your child earns points each time he/she improves by increasing his/her correct score or reducing his/her “learning opportunities (errors.)  You can exchange the points for money (they add up fast at a penny per point.)  The exercises take one minute each, and are most effective when completed every day at a regular time .

CyberSlate is even more successful if the school completes the exercises too (at no extra cost!)  Practicing the exercises a few times daily, spread over the day, leads to quicker learning.  When your child completes the fluencies twice daily at home and at school, he/she feels that the exercises are a “legitimate” learning activity, and is less likely to resist completing them.


Your child can complete most of the activities without supervision. However, he/she will rarely put in effort unless he/she feels that someone else is interested. Check the Celeration charts often, and praise your child’s progress.  Contact us if you are worried about flat lines!


Students who do CyberSlate at home like it because they can complete most of the fluency exercises by themselves, when they choose to. Even in the sessions that require a helper, you are asked to remain silent so that the student can concentrate on his own learning. The student can check his/her improvement after every one-minute session, and if he/she likes earning points, the Finished Panel at the end of each session announces how many more points were earned.


If and when your child needs incentives to do the CyberSlate exercises, there are several options. Check the Incentives page.