Home Schoolers

Practice, Motivation, and Measurement!  These are three big challenges when schooling children at home.  If you have a home schooler who is struggling with basic skills in Reading, Arithmetic, or Writing, CyberSlate provides you the necessary tools.  Our one-minute fluency exercises are an excellent way to pace the school day. And they are the fastest way to build basic skills.  The Celeration Chart provides you a daily measurement of progress.

CyberSlate provides several kinds of incentives. You choose which ones to build into your program.

Take advantage of CyberSlate’s special pricing for students who complete the fluency exercises at home and at school.  Since your school is at home, this special rate applies to you!

Several Home Schoolers have used CyberSlate to set up the daily routines. Begin the morning classes with completing one set of fluencies. After lunch, start afternoon sessions with that set of fluencies, and at the end of the school day, complete a final set of fluencies (or perhaps complete one more set of fluencies at the beginning of the evening homework session.) Since the chart shows all of the scores for the day, students and parents can see and discuss the progress, and set targets for the next day.

Make CyberSlate a daily routine (including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays!)  By practicing daily, your student becomes a CyberSlate Scholar, and is eligible for added fluencies, at no extra cost!