Earning Points

Finished panel
If points are earned during a session, the amount is stated in the Finished aPanel at the end of the minute.

Some students like to earn points.  CyberSlate awards points for improved scores, and for passing sub-levels, Levels, and Ranks.  The number of points that were earned in the minute timing is stated on the Finished panels of each fluency.  The totals for each fluency are listed on the menu, and a grand total is shown just below the menu window.

If you are the coach, parent or booster, you can negotiate an occasional cash award equal to the number of points accumulated. (A penny per point will mount up quickly!!)


Send us an email, and we will deduct those points from the total.  When we do this, the unspent points will be placed in the “Bank”, all points will be canceled and the student will begin earning afresh.

Please try M

The Menu shows To do:’s, Ranks or Grade, and points. The points earned on each fluency appear to the right of the fluency name. Total points are shown at the bottom of the menu. If you request that we subtract points for something a student earned, the points are all zeroed out, and the balance after subtracting the points is put in the “Bank.”

The number of points earned in each fluency can also be adjusted, so your student can earn fewer points for an “easy” fluency, and more points for the exercise he finds a greater challenge.