At School & Home

CyberSlate is designed so that you can carry out the remedial exercises at school and home! Your school technical person installs our “school” CyberSlate application on all of the computers that your student may be using at school.  Likewise, at home you install CyberSlate’s Home edition on the computers you will use with your student to complete the exercises. Before each remedial session, your student downloads all of his data from the CyberSlate Cloud Server. At the end of the sessions, you send the data back to the CyberSlate Server. As a result, all practice at school and home is coordinated.

There is no extra cost for installing the application on several computers.  In fact, a Home and School plan offers the best bargain. We want your student to practice at school and home, seven days per week, because a daily practice schedule brings about the most successful results.


Here are two  CyberSlate charts.  The first is from Olga, who  practiced  her Reading passages every day, at school and at home. You can tell because there are almost no gaps in the daily scores that would be caused by not practicing on Saturday or Sunday.

Olga practices her Reading Passages every day at school and home, and makes steady progress.
Andrew is practicing his Reading Passages several times per week, but only at school, so he has gaps on weekends, and does not progress as quickly.

In contrast, the second chart shows Andrew, who practiced Reading Passages many times daily at school, but did not complete that fluency exercise at home.  Both students  make the same progress when they complete the fluencies. But the student who practices daily is catching up to her grade level much faster through daily practice.