When you are stuck in Arithmetic

Are you stuck on one level in Arithmetic?  Here are some techniques CyberSlaters have used to break a flat line.

  • Choose Practice and complete one screen at a slow speed.
  • Figure out which number combinations you are getting wrong.
  • Say that number combination (with the correct answer) several times.
  • Type the correct answer several times (always using the correct fingering on the number pad.) This will help your fingers to “think” the correct answer.
  • Make a flash card with that number combination and put it in front of you.
  • Do you have the Hear/Type setting for this fluency turned on?  If not, send us a note to add it to your menu. Practice Hear/Type at slow speeds with a coach. Then try the See/Type. Check your charts to see if your learning opportunities are decelerating.
  • If you are not completing this fluency daily, start to complete it daily, three times per day. Always begin with a practice screen and say the problem combinations aloud as you type them.