Chart Shares

What do charts of success look like? And when we encounter a unique outcome, what can we learn from it? All outcomes in CyberSlate are measured using the Celeration Chart.  Our chart share gallery has many charts of progress, some with unique variations. The charts are posted to the gallery with an invitation to viewers to add comments.


Some of the charts show remarkable success. Others show variation on the way to success, problems encountered, and perseverance in the face of obstacles. Please add your charts. Every chart and story is unique!


Not all of the charts were generated by CyberSlate. Some were hand-drawn or created on a spreadsheet using a chart template. If you wish to share a chart, send it to


Real time chart shares take place at Precision Teaching Conferences and the annual meeting of the Applied Behavior Analysis society. Each presenter prepares his charts in such a way that they may be projected on a screen for all to see. The presenter explains enough background information to give a context for the viewers. Comments are welcomed and sometimes good ideas emerge that lead to successful conclusions.


JPK Analysts have been running an online Chart Share on the first Sunday of the month at 5:00 p.m. EST. They use Adobe Connect so that the presenter can show his/her charts in order, use a pointer, and talk about the chart.  The  viewers can write comments and questions while a chart is presented. The host is Ryan O’Donnell.