Chart Shares

What do charts of success look like? And when we encounter a unique outcome, what can we learn from it? All outcomes in CyberSlate are measured using the Celeration Chart.  Our chart share gallery has many charts of progress, some with unique variations. The charts are posted to the gallery with an invitation to viewers to add comments.

Some of the charts show remarkable success. Others show variation on the way to success, problems encountered, and perseverance in the face of obstacles. Please add your charts. Every chart and story is unique!

The chart pictured here is of Andy’s Grade 4 Reading Passages. He is reading more than once each day, so there are several scores on each day line. Andy can see immediately how many days it takes to pass from Story to Story. His Grade 4 SRA Reading Decoding book contains 65 stories, so he can figure from the chart how soon he will pass into the Grade 5 book.