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CyberSlate is the most precisely measured skill building program available on the web! Your student  practices a set of one-minute timings that help make a skill automatic.  CyberSlate’s instant Celeration chart is so sensitive that it can show the progress made after each session!

We call the one-minute timings “fluencies” because they are designed to help you or your student become fluent in a skill.  Each fluency was designed by an education expert and thoroughly tested by generations of students.

CyberSlate is designed to augment your existing remedial educational program.  All remedial programs recommend daily practice of the skills for several minutes. But because of the demands placed on today’s schools it is rarely possible to schedule or carry out daily practice sessions. CyberSlate makes daily practice possible, and through participation by parents, that practice can be made far more effective by doing it daily, all seven days of the week.

CyberSlate was developed by Ian Spence, Ph.D., and the mediators and students of Ben Bronz Academy over the past 25 years.

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